Enterprises can add a layer of security to their mobile forms by adding a login page. This ensures business users can only fill in forms if they are logged in to transform app. Moreover, having a login page allows the management to see who is filling out which forms to provide feedback whenever needed. This, in turn, builds an audit trail for the enterprise to follow in case an error occurs. 

In this article, you will be introduced to how you can create and manage the users logging in to transform app.

Creating New Users and Roles

If your company does not have an existing system to maintain the company's users and their roles, you can create new users and roles through the User Management Connector.

Available through Connections in transform Studio, this feature spares enterprises from depending on an external third-party authentication system.

Managing Existing Users and Roles

If your company already uses identity and access management service, their passwords, and their roles, you can integrate them with your form using makeen transform's Authentication Connectors. The following are some of the external systems that you can connect your mobile forms to. 

  1. Microsoft Active Directory (On-Premises)
  2. Microsoft Azure Active Directory / Office 365
  3. Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) SAML

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