All apps designed in makeen transform have system settings that can be customized to comply with a company's branding guidelines. 

You can access and change these settings by clicking on the System Settings page in the left panel in transform Studio.

From the page above, you can make changes to the following elements in transform app. 

  • Application Icon - This is the icon that appears in the top navigation bar of your mobile app. You can customize this to show the company's logo.
  • Custom Landing Page for the App - By default, the Category page will be shown after users enter the app code. If you wish to have another page displayed instead, you can select that page in transform Studio.
  • Default Landing Page View - This setting can be changed to display a Category's options either as a grid or as a list (both depicted below).
  • Navigation Bar Background Color - Your app's navigation bar color can be changed to any color to brand the app as per requirement.
  • Navigation Bar Foreground Color - Selecting a foreground color affects the color of the text and icons in the navigation bar.
  • Show Drafts Button - You can enable the option for drafts (i.e. locally stored form-data) in your app from this screen.
  • Show Tasks Button - If the Tasks feature is a requirement for your app, you can turn it on. This option will also support business workflows designed in Microsoft Flow.
  • Show Notifications Button - Enabling this button allows transform app users to see unread and read notifications.
  • Show Settings Button - The Settings button should be turned on to allow app users to change user-defined settings of the app and to update the app.
  • Show Sync Button - You can select this option if you wish to have the Sync button visible on the Category screen. Through this option, you can manually sync forms and entities. 
  • Use Custom Fonts in PDF - Select this option if the fonts set in Page Designer should also be displayed in generated PDF. 
  • Allow Auto-Updates - Selecting this option will allow app users to automatically update the app from the store.

Watch How It's Done

This video tutorial explains how to configure settings for Mobile App.

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