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In makeen transform, an App Code is an alphanumeric value used to identify the group of mobile forms and business logic that make up an app.

App Codes in transform Studio

When creating a mobile app in transform Studio, an app code is generated automatically based on the app name you type. 

You can, however, change the app code by clicking on the edit button next to the App Code field. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating and using App Codes.

  • Use a combination of letters and numbers to create an App Code. Make sure the code is easy to remember or else your employees will have a tough time using your forms.  

  • App Codes cannot be changed once created, so take your time to create a good one.

If you forgot what your App Code was, you can see it from the Download Apps page. 


App Codes in transform app

When using an app for the first time or after switching apps, transform app users will be asked to enter an App Code. Form designers will need to share the App Code with app users if they do not use the User Management Connector. By using the latter, an email with login credentials and the App Code are sent to new users. 

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