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Makeen transform follows industry best practices and takes full advantage of the features provided by Amazon AWS to ensure our platform's scalability and availability.

Makeen transform implements horizontal scaling to ensure the platform handles the additional load. To deliver this scalability factor, we have kept our components stateless.  

Moreover, makeen transform uses AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), which divides the load among multiple servers. The ELB routes traffic to only healthy servers. This, in turn, increases the fault tolerance of our system and ensures its maximum availability.

Our ELB also has auto-scaling configured. This enables the automatic addition or removal of servers on a need basis. So, if an issue arises in one server or an extra server is required due to increased load, another server will be launched automatically and will be set up using our Amazon Machine Images (AMI) and deployment scripts.

To complement these, makeen transform also takes advantage of AWS Availability Zones. Our application and database servers are in different availability zones. This ensures the availability of applications even if something goes wrong in one region.

With these measures in place, your applications will always be highly scalable and available all the time.

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