Makeen transform is dedicated to ensuring quality, applicability, and ROI to clients by adhering to its Projects Delivery Process. Our process is designed to organize chaos, establish a sound schedule, and ensure resource efficiency.

Here is a detailed overview of each step involved in the process.

Step 1 - Mobile App Instance Creation

Three instances of the mobile app are created in transform Studio:

  • Dev Instance, which is the copy for developers to create and test your mobile forms.
  • Stage Instance, which is the copy pilot groups use to test the app.
  • Production Instance, which is the app delivered to end-users.

Step 2 - Form Design 

After a comprehensive requirements gathering session, the process of mobilizing paper form begins. Makeen transform's experts begin designing mobile forms using transform Studio.

Step 3 - PDF Creation 

Custom PDF templates are generated. These templates provide a specific layout for form submissions when emailed as PDF files to designated personnel. They are also designed to match the client’s branding in terms of company colors and logos.

Step 4 - Developer Testing 

Developers carry out the first round of testing to ensure the stability of mobile forms and PDF templates.

Optional Step - Database Connectivity 

Entities will be set up to store form submissions. Developers will then configure transform Connectors to send and receive data from these entities.

Optional Step: Analytics Incorporation

Dashboards are created using Tableau Online or Power BI to show business intelligence reports.

Step 5 - Form Migration to Stage

After passing developer testing, forms and templates are copied to the Stage Instance. From here, both the Quality Assurance (QA) team and clients can access them.

Step 6 - QA Testing and Verification 

The QA team will test the forms to verify their device compatibility, styling, and performance. Once approved, the forms will be sent to the client.

Step 7 - Client Feedback

Business users and pilot groups are handed the app code to the Stage Instance. They need to enter the app code in transform app to begin using the forms and provide their feedback.

Step 8 - Client Feedback Incorporation

Using the client’s feedback, forms are redesigned. Both developers and QA re-test the forms thoroughly, then upload them on the Stage instance. Both steps 7 and 8 are repeated until the client approves the forms.

Step 9 - Migration to Production 

The finalized app comprising the forms and templates is copies to the Production instance. Clients can make the app available either through their own enterprise app store or app stores.

Step 10 - Post Production Validation 

A final round of comprehensive tests are carried out to ensure the delivered app is free from issues such as data and deployment issues.