MS Flow is one of the top tools for automating routine processes in an enterprise. By integrating it with makeen transform, your workforce will spend less time on mundane, repetitive tasks. That way, they can have more time to be more productive and efficient.

Through this guide, you will discover how to set up a workflow in transform Studio using the example of an inventory order. 

Step 1) Enable the Task Button in transform app

To be able to use workflows in transform app, you first need to show the Task button. 

  • Login to transform Studio.
  • Create a new app or select an existing app.
  • Go to System Settings and enable the "Show Task Button" if you haven't before. 

Step 2) Add a User Management Connector

You need to add a User Management Connector to receive tasks and run MS Flow. 

For the sake of this example, three users have been created with the positions "Site Supervisor", "Project Manager", "Inventory Manager".

Step 3) Create and Configure a Login Page 

A login page is important for authenticating users.

  • Create a Login Page
  • Open the page you created in Page Designer. 
  • Design the page with two text boxes and a button as shown below. 

  • From the Properties panel on the side, select Select 'Password' from the Type drop-down menu.
  • Add mappings for the username and password text boxes.

  • Click on the button followed by the Actions/Triggers tab in the right panel. 
  • Click the +Action button and choose Button Click. Click Save. 
  • Add a Sub Trigger with the type "SubmitLogin". You can use the configuration below as an example. Finally, click Save. 

  • Publish the page.

Step 4) Configure an MsSQL Connector

You need to create an MsSQL Connector to map form data. 

  • Create a database in Microsoft SQL Server if you do not have one already. 
  • Click on Connections, followed by Add New Connector. 
  • Choose MsSQL Connector and enter its settings. Test the connector to ensure it's working then click Save.

Step 5) Design the Order Page

Now, it's time to design the Order page before linking it to a workflow.  

  • From Pages & Forms, click on the Create New button. 
  • Enter a Display Name and select a category (if any), then click Save.
  • Open the page in Page Designer and add the controls shown below

  • Publish the page.
  • Click on Pages & Forms again. Hover over the Order page until you see this button. Click on it.
  • Select the MsSQL Connector you configured earlier from the drop-down menu, then click "+ Connector".
  • Click the "Load Data Store" button.
  • Mapping will be displayed shortly. Click on the "Confirm Create Entities" button to map page controls with columns of the table in which your data will be stored.
  • Open Order in Page Designer again, then select the "Submit Order" button.  
  • In the Action/Triggers section of the designer, add a Button Click action.
  • Add a SubmitData trigger and configure it as shown below:

  • Add a "Close" trigger after the "Submit Data" trigger as shown below:

  • Publish the page.

Now, you need to configure your workflow in MS Flow. 

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