After configuring your mobile forms in transform Studio and creating flows in MS Flow, it's time to begin using the workflows you created in transform app.

The following are the steps you (and later your workforce) should be aware of to ensure a streamlined workflow. 

  • Launch transform app on your device.
  • Enter the app code.
  • Tap on the category containing the Order page, then tap on it.
  • Fill out the Order form. Make sure to enter a valid User Name (i.e. as entered in the User Management Connector) in Created By and Assigned To field.
  • Tap on the Submit button and wait for the form to complete. This will insert a new row in the database's Order table, initiating Flow 1. As a result, a task will be created and assigned to the person you just entered in the assigned to field.
  • For the sake of this example, login as the user to whom the task was assigned to. In this case, it was Mark.
  • Once you've logged in successfully, navigate to "My Task".
  • You will see a task that has been assigned by Jack.

  • Tap on the task and either approve or reject the task to initiate Flow 2.

  • By approving the task, a new task will be assigned to Max, the Inventory Manager in this example. 
  • Rejecting a task will assign a new task to Jack the Site Supervisor, requesting they review the order.
  • When the task assigned to Max is completed is marked as Completed, Flow 3 will initiate. Max will receive an email with a confirmation of the inventory.