Data in makeen transform is classified into the following four types:

  • Public Data
  • Private Data
  • Sensitive Data
  • Customer Data

Public Data

Public data is data that is available on the public network.

A good example of Public Data is Assets, i.e. the images used while designing mobile forms. To improve performance, mobile applications download assets directly from AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) instead of going through the application server.

Private Data

This includes the data stored privately on our servers or AWS services. This data cannot be accessed publicly.

Some examples of private data include:

  • Metadata Database - This database stores metadata related to form design
  • HTML Templates - These are HTML templates used to customize PDF output

Sensitive Data

Sensitive Data is extremely private data that needs an extra layer of protection, normally via encryption or one-way hash function. Sensitive Data is protected at a much higher level than private data.

The following are examples of sensitive data.

  • User Credentials - User credentials are saved in encrypted form.
  • Connector Credentials – Transform User Management Connector is the platform’s unique authentication service. Credentials set by it are stored using one-way hash function. For other connectors we store encrypted credentials.
  • Server Logs - These are logs generated during application usage.

Customer Data

Customer data is the business or transaction data of customers generated by mobile app users. Makeen transform considers customer data as a separate data class to ensure maximum protection. One option for storing this data is makeen transform’s managed database. As we consider this as private data, it is kept segregated from other customers’ data in a separate database. The other option is to store data your own database and manage it on your own.

Planned Future Improvements

The following are some improvements planned for the near future:

  • Makeen transform is currently using one-way hash function solely for the User Management Authentication Connector, which is the most used user authentication mechanism in makeen transform. We are planning to use one way hash in other connectors as well to further improve the security of sensitive data.
  • Encryption will be enabled in databases in the future. That way, our metadata database and customer data managed by makeen transforms would be better protected.