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Makeen transform allows the integration of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), providing secure sign-in and authorization for transform app. . 

To effectively register your app using the Azure AD portal, you need to follow four steps.

  1. Sign in to Azure Active Directory
  2. Find Out the Directory ID / Tenant ID
  3. Register the App
  4. Grant Permission to the App

In this article, you will learn how to carry out these steps. 

1) Sign in to Azure Active Directory 

You need to be logged into your Windows Azure Active Directory account to begin. Simply head to the Portal and login with your credentials. 

2) Find Out the Directory ID 

After successfully logging in to Azure Active Directory, you will be transported to the Admin Center depicted below. 

On the left side menu, click on "Properties". 

From the Properties page, you can view and copy the Directory ID. 

3) Register the App 

First, click on Azure Active Directory on the left panel. 

Next, click on "App registrations" from the left sub menu.

Click on "New application registration" at the top of the page. 

Fill out the following required fields:

  • Name, which is the name of the application 
  • Application Type, which should be set to 'Native' from the drop-down menu
  • Redirect URL, which is the URL used by Azure AD (e.g. "http://localhost" )

Then click on the Create button at the bottom.

4) Grant Permission to the App 

After successfully registering the app, you need to grant it permission. To begin, click on your app in the following screen. 

Tap on Settings at the top of the page, followed by "Required permissions" from the sub menu. 

Under "Required permissions", click on "Windows Azure Active Directory". Under "DELEGATED PERMISSIONS", make sure to select the boxes next to:

  • Access the directory as the signed-in user
  • Read all users' basic profiles
  • Sign in and read user profile

Click the 'Save' button on the top.

Press on the "Grant permissions" button under Required permissions. Finally, click 'Yes' to grant permissions for the app for all accounts in the current directory. 

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