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Makeen transform allows form designers to control a user's experience within the apps they create. One of the ways of doing this is by setting category-level permissions. 

As a form designer, you can use users' roles to set access rights to the categories in your application. For example, you can restrict access to a category featuring high-level reports and financial status to Senior Management. Without this restriction, the category and its forms/pages will be accessible to all users. 

With the help of the following steps, you can easily set separate permissions to view and interact with a certain category in your app. 

Step 1 - Open the Category You Wish to Configure

To change the access permissions of a category, follow these steps:

  • From transform Studio, click on Categories from the left sidebar. 
  • From Categories, hover over the Category you wish to edit until the edit buttonappears. Click on it.

Step 2 - Set the Visibility of the Category

Once the category's settings are open, scroll a little to the Permissions section (shown below). 

From this section, you can define who views this category by either using an expression or mentioning the user's role. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean app users can make any changes to the forms within the category. 

That said, here's how you define the visibility of your categories. 

  • First, select 'Only the following users have permission to view this category'. 
  • Under 'Users for whom this condition gets true', type a condition in the form of an expression to define who can view this category. For instance, if you wish for the category to be shown to a user whose display name is Matt Reeves, you can use the expression Login.DisplayName = "Matt Reeves".
  • If you don't wish to use an expression and have the User Management Connector configured, you can simply add user roles in the text box under 'Users who belong to any of these roles'. 
  • Click 'Save' if you don't wish to define who can use the forms in this category. Otherwise, continue to the next step. 

Step 3 - Define Who Interacts with the Category

If you wish to allow transform app users to view your category and make changes to it, you need to do the following:

  • Click on the checkbox next to 'Only the following users have the permission to interact with this category '. 
  • In the textbox below 'Users for whom this condition gets true', type an expression.  
  • Alternatively, add user roles in the text box under 'Users who belong to any of these roles'. 
  • Click 'Save'. 

Watch How It's Done

This video explains how to apply user permissions to enhance the security of categories, pages and forms, and controls. makeen transform allows app creators to define who can view and/or interact with the aforementioned three elements.  

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