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Categories in transform app allow you to group related pages or forms together. Take for example the app below. The Human Resources category contains HR-related forms such as Stay Interview and HR File Note. 

You can populate categories either from the Categories section in transform Studio or from the Pages & Forms section. In this article, you will learn both methods. 

Before you start, however, make sure to create at least one category in your app.

Method 1 - Adding Forms from the Categories Screen

This method is most suitable if you have already created mobile forms and wish to categorize them. 

Step 1 - Open the Category You Wish to Configure

In transform Studio, select the app you wish to make changes to, then carry out the following steps. 

  • Click on Categories in the left sidebar. 
  • Hover over the category's name, and click the edit button when it appears. Alternatively, click on the category's name.

Step 2 - Link Pages/Forms to the Category

To add forms to your category, follow these steps:

  • Click on the +Add button. 
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to display the list of forms in your app. 
  • Click on the form you wish to add. 

Repeat this step for all the forms you wish to add. If you mistakenly add a form, you can unlink it or delete it from the category by clicking on thebutton.

Step 3 - Set a Landing Page

You can choose to set one of the pages/forms as a landing page. That way, tapping on the category's icon in transform app will open that specific page or form. 

If you don't wish to set a landing page, select the No Landing Page option at the top of the list. 

Method 2 - Adding Forms from the Pages & Forms Screen

This is the best method if you created categories before your forms. You can also use it to quickly link new forms to existing categories. Here are the steps you should follow. 

Step 1 - Edit the Form

To get access to the form's properties, follow these steps. 

  • Click on Pages & Forms. 
  • Hover over the form's name, and click the edit button when it appears. 

Step 2 - Choose a Category

To assign the form to a category: 

  • On the Edit screen, select a category from the Categories drop-down list. 
  • Finally, click Save. 

Watch How It's Done

This video tutorial explains how to group different forms and pages into categories. Categories can open up a single form or display a list of forms depending on how they are configured. 


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