Transform Studio allows form designers to personalize their forms and apps with Assets, i.e. media assets used as backgrounds or icons in the app you create. 

Assets Screen 

By clicking on Assets under Design, you will be directed to the Assets screen. Here, you can see all the media your app currently includes. 

If the app you created includes sample forms, Assets will display those. On the other hand, if you chose to create an app from scratch, the only asset you will see is the default-Search image. 

Assets in the Media Gallery

Transform Studio offers a collection of assets through the Media Gallery. These are categorized by type, color, and context. You can easily add these assets to your app and use them across categories and pages or forms. 

Custom Assets 

You can upload custom assets from your device to serve as backgrounds or icons in your categories, pages, and/or PDF output. That way, your mobile app will include imagery which reflects your corporate branding. 

Watch How It's Done

This video tutorial explains how to manage assets, i.e. the images used within transform apps for control backgrounds, icons, and PDF logos. Learn how to view, upload, and delete assets from transform Studio.

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