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Transform Studio provides several ways for you to brand your mobile forms, app, and PDF output. One of these ways is using assets, or imagery such as backgrounds and icons, which reflect your brand. 

In this article, you will learn how you can add images for your app in Assets, edit them, and delete those you no longer need. 

Adding Assets to Your App

You can add assets to your app either from transform Studio's Media Gallery or your own device. The following lines detail both ways. 

How to Add Assets from Media Gallery 

Media Gallery provides a library of images you can add to your app. To view and use these, here is what you should do. 

  • Click on Assets on the left sidebar.    
  • Click on the Media Gallery button located on the top right corner. 

  • Skim through all the assets offered, or click on a certain category from the left sidebar. 
  • Select the image(s) you wish to add by clicking on it/them. A small green checkmark will appear under the selected image. 
  • Finally, click the Add Asset(s) button.

One asset is added, they will appear in your Assets list.

How to Add Assets from Your Device

If you wish to upload your own assets to transform Studio, follow these steps. 

  • From the Assets screen, click on the Upload Assets button. 

  • Drag and drop files in the designated box (shown below). Alternatively, click on the Click here to the Browse button to navigate through your device's folders.

  • While uploading the file, a status bar will appear beneath the upload area. You will be prompted with a message once the file has been added.

  • Click the Back button and you will see the image you uploaded at the top of your assets list. You can now start using it in your app.

Editing Assets

You can edit the name of an asset as well as the image used. Keep in mind, however, that changes will be made to your forms as well. The updated image will replace the previous one across your app. On the other hand, updating the asset's name will remove its association with control. 

That said, here's how you can edit an asset.

  • From Assets, hover over the image you added until the edit buttonappears. Click on it.
  • On this screen (shown below), you can enter a new name for your asset. 

  • To replace the image, hover over the image until the upload button appears.
  • Click the upload button and choose a new image from your device. 
  • Click Save to commit your changes. 

Deleting Assets

If you wish to remove assets from your collection, you can easily do so with the following steps. 

  • From Assets, hover over the image you added until the delete buttonappears. Click on it.
  • Confirm deleting the image by clicking on Yes. 

Downloading Assets

If you want to download an asset from transform Studio onto your device, simply hover over the asset until the download icon appears. Click on the download icon and enter a name for your asset before clicking 'Save'.

Watch How It's Done

This video tutorial explains how to manage assets, i.e. the images used within transform apps for control backgrounds, icons, and PDF logos. Learn how to view, upload, and delete assets from transform Studio.

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