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To populate your mobile app, you need to create pages, forms, and sub forms. 

  • A page is the building block of your app. In makeen transform, this option is used to display information. 
  • A form is a page that enables users to collect data via form controls. 
  • A sub form is a re-usable form that can be included in different forms to save the time otherwise spent on re-designing the same fields for multiple forms. Unlike pages and forms, sub forms aren't independent entities. They need to be used as part of forms or pages. 

In this article, you will learn how to create a page, form or sub form.

Step 1 - Make Sure You Have the Right App

Select the app you wish to add a page by clicking on the red arrow below the +NEW MOBILE APP button.

Step 2 - Click on “Pages & Forms”

Click on "Pages & Forms" from the left sidebar to view all the pages inside your selected app.

Step 3 - Click on Create a New Page

Click on the Create New button on the top right corner.

The following screen will appear.

On this screen, enter the following details: 

  • Display Name – Type a meaningful name for the page you're creating. This is what users will see while interacting with the app.

  • Internal Name – This is the name to be used internally within the application. Transform Studio auto-generates this value. However, if you wish to edit it, make sure the new name doesn't include spaces or special characters except for dashes ‘-‘ and underscores ‘_’. The name should also not begin with a number.

  • Categories – You can assign the page or form to a category or multiple categories. You can also skip this step at this point, and complete it later with the help of this guide. As sub forms aren't independent, the Categories field won't appear when you create a new one. 

Finally, click 'Save'. If you wish to customize the page further, move on to the next step. 

Step 4 - Customize the Advanced Properties of the Page

With this step, you can further customize different aspects of your page or form. For instance, you can indicate if the page pre-loads whenever the app is launched. For more details on the options in the Advanced section, refer to this article.

You can now begin designing your mobile forms using this guide

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