Through transform Studio's Pages & Forms section, you will have access to the pages, forms and sub forms to populate your mobile app. 

With the help of this article, you will learn how to better use this screen for working with your pages and forms. 

Create New

By clicking , you can create a new page. Click here for our comprehensive guide on creating pages and forms. 

The Search Bar

Transform Studio allows you to easily search for an existing page. Simply type the name of the page, form, or sub form you need in the search bar, and then click on the search icon.

Page, Form and Sub Form Filters

Once created in your app, pages, forms, and sub forms can be filtered on this screen using the following buttons:

PagesClicking on this button will display all the pages in your app. 
FormsThis option will show all the forms you have designed. 
Sub FormsTo display the sub forms in your app, click on this button. 

Pages, Forms, and Sub Forms Options 

Hover over the name of the page, form, or sub form you created. You'll see five options: 

  1. Set (PAGE NAME) as Main Page - Click on this option if you want to direct users to this app the minute they successfully login. 
  2. Open Page Designer - Clicking this option will open the Page Designer so you can start designing your forms. 
  3. Edit Page - This option will open the properties of the page, form, or sub form. You can make any changes you need, and then click 'Save'. 
  4. Manage Data Storage - Through this option, you can choose a connector and load the data store. By adding a connector, you can fetch data from its entities or   
  5. Delete Page - Click on this option to permanently delete the page, form, or sub form.

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