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Unless directed to a form, the Home Screen is the main screen you see whenever you log in to the transform app. 

In this article, you will be properly introduced to every part of this screen. 


On the Home Screen, the most prominent feature is the Categories. Depicted by icons, categories contain one to multiple forms. Form designers can set permissions on these categories or on forms to display them to specific users or roles. 

Notifications and Profile Bar

As shown below, this bar displays search option, notifications, profile photo of the user, as well as the name of the app that user is logged in to.

Home Bar

Located at the bottom of the screen, the Home Bar features the main options of the transform app. 


Here's a quick explanation of what each option in Home Screen does:

  • Search - Tapping this feature opens the Search bar, which enables you to search for the form you wish to use.
  • Notification - Through Notification, you can view notifications such as the notification for successful form submission, new tasks, etc.
  • Task - The Task option leads to the Task Screen. From there, you can view, complete, as well as accept or reject a task assigned to you. 
  • All Forms - this screen lists down all forms in category view or list view alphabetically arranged.
  • My Forms - this screen offers users to view drafts of the forms, forms in the outbox waiting to be submitted, and submitted forms. 
  • Settings - From this page, you can switch between applications, view information about the application, and adjust other settings.

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