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Notifications are messages which pop up in the notification tray of your mobile device. Their purpose is to communicate, announce, inform, or remind transform app users about events, application updates, tasks, or other useful information.

You can manage your notifications through the Notification screen in the app. To configure and manage notifications prior to sending them to app users, please refer to the transform Notifications section

Accessing All Notifications

To access all your notifications, you need to open the Notification screen. Tap on the Notification button (highlighted below) on the taskbar.

Deleting Notifications

In addition to viewing notifications, you can delete them from this screen. For this, tap on one of the following two options:

DeleteIf you want to remove a single notification, tap the delete button associated with it. Next, confirm removing the notification by tapping on 'Yes' in the popup.
Remove all notificationsIf you want to remove all your notifications, tap on the Remove all notifications button at the top of the screen. Confirm removing the notification by tapping on 'Yes'.

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