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The settings are an important feature of the transform app. In addition to providing information about the app created in transform Studio, the Settings page enables you to carry out several important actions. 

In this article, you will learn about the Settings option and what it allows you to do.

Top Section of the Settings Screen

To access the Settings screen, click on the Settings button from the taskbar. The screen shown below will appear, displaying the following information at the very top:

  • Application Name - This is the name of the app as specified in transform Studio.  
  • Application Version - This is the version of the transform app you are using. Please update the app whenever a new release is announced to get the most from the mobile forms app.
  • Service Version - This is the version of makeen transform Services that supports the features offered by the app. Make sure to have the latest version by checking the service version against the latest releases.
  • Last Updated Status - This part shows the date and time when the app's metadata was last updated. 

Applications Section 

From this section in the Settings page, you can update the app, switch to another app, and access advanced settings.

Update Applications

If you want to update the metadata and forms in your application, click on the Update button. Confirm the update and wait a few minutes. 

Switch to Another App

Transform app allows the switch from one app to another. This is beneficial for users who have access to several apps in the enterprise or share enterprise devices. 

To switch from your current application to another, tap on the Switch button. If you agree to the deletion of application data including draft and submitted forms, tap on 'Ok' in the popup shown below. 

Access to Advanced Settings

If you want to edit the advanced settings of your app, tap on the Advanced button. Click here for our thorough guide on these settings. 


Once you've made any changes to the settings, simply tap on 'Save'. 

Log Out

Unlike the Switch option, Log Out only signs you out of the app without affecting its data. To log out of the app, tap on Log Out button and you will be redirected to the Login page. 

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