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The Advanced Settings section in the transform app gives you more control over how you want to update your app's metadata and/or forms. Unlike the Update option in the Application part of the Settings page, it's faster since it doesn't download all the updates made to your app.  

In this article, you will learn how to use the Application Update settings under Advanced Settings. 

Step 1: Access the Advanced Settings 

To access the Advanced Settings screen, tap on Settings at the taskbar on top of the Home Screen. Next, tap on the Advanced button (shown below). 

Step 2: Choose How You Wish to Update the App

There are two ways for updating your app through Advanced Settings: Update Application Metadata or Update Pages. 

Application Metadata

By updating the application metadata, you fetch the latest app-level changes from transform Studio's servers. You will need to download the latest version of your forms either from the Pages section below or the form listing page. 

To update metadata, tap on the Update button (shown below) next to Application Metadata. 


From the Pages section of the Application Update page, you can update some or all the forms in your mobile app. You can either do so by tapping on the toggle next to the form you wish to update, or one of the following buttons:

All Tap on this option to update all the forms in your app. 
DownloadedTap on this button to update only the apps you have already downloaded in the app. 
NoneEasily deselect all the forms you chose to update with this button. 

After selecting which pages to update, tap on Update Selected Page(s) at the bottom of the list of forms (shown below).

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