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Of the many features which maximize productivity, the My Tasks screen is one that helps streamline task management. Transform app users can conveniently view any tasks assigned to them via transform Studio, directly from their mobile devices. Users can also accept or reject a task, fill specific forms by a set deadline, and delete completed tasks from this screen. 

In this article, you will learn about the My Tasks screen and how you can manage tasks through it. 

My Tasks Screen Components 

To access the My Tasks screen, tap on the Task button on the taskbar. Upon opening the screen, you will notice the following: 

  • Search Bar
  • Show Completed Tasks
  • Clear Complete Task
  • Refresh

Search Bar

The search bar allows you to search for tasks by tapping on it and then typing the name of your task.

Show Completed Tasks Toggle

Simply tap on the toggle switch to show completed tasks within the list. 

Clear Completed Tasks Button

If you want to remove all completed tasks from the list, simply tap on Clear Completed Tasks.

Refresh Button

To fetch new tasks from the server, tap on the Refresh button.

Task Detail Screen

Tapping on any task in the list will open its task detail screen. Through it, you can view the details of that specific task, such as its due date and description. 

From this screen, you can change the status of your task from "Active" to "Complete" by tapping on the Complete Task button.

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