The Segmented control is an input control. It appears as a set of buttons laid out horizontally and can be configured to allow multiple or single selections. Form designers can also limit the number of segments per line to improve usability. 

In this article, you will learn how you can use the Segmented control in your forms. 

Step 1 - Open Page Designer 

After creating a page, form, or sub form, hover over its name. Once the 'Open Page Designer' buttonappears, click on it.



Step 2 - Add the Segmented Control to Your Form  

From the Standard tab, drag and drop the Segmented control onto your design canvas.

Step 3 - Configure the Segmented Control 

Upon adding the Segmented control, its properties will appear on the right side of the screen.  

You can customize the following properties accordingly: 

This field is for the name used to identify this specific Layout control. Add a meaningful one so you can use it in expressions.
Auto Select First
Checking this option will auto-select the first value added before the user enters anything.
Data Source
In Data Source, enter the values you want users to select from. For dynamic changes or larger selection set, you can map this control to a connector to retrieve fields from the database.
Display Expression
Enter a dynamic expression to dynamically display data according to a scenario.
Font Name
Choose your preferred font.
Font Size

Choose your preferred font size.

Font Style

Specify whether you want to make the font bold or italicized. 

Multi Select

Select this option to allow a user to select more than one option.

Text Color

Choose a suitable text color from the palette.

Value Expression

Define a dynamic expression to process the value within the control. 

Add more controls to your form and then save or publish it.

Watch How It Works

This video tutorial explains how you can create forms with multiple choices using the multi-select Segmented control in transform Studio. 

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