The Button control in makeen transform is an input control. It is used for triggering certain actions like submitting data or navigating through the transform app.

In this article, you will learn how to use the Button control in your forms. 

Step 1 - Open Form Designer 

After creating a page, form, or sub form, hover over its name until the 'Open Page Designer' button appears. Click on it.

Step 2 - Add the Button Control to Your Form  

From the Standard tab, drag and drop the Button control onto your design canvas.

Step 3 - Configure the Button Control 

Upon adding the Button control, its properties will appear on the right side of the screen.  

This field is for the name used to identify this specific control. Add a meaningful one so you can use it in expressions.
Background Color
Pick a color from the palette to use as the background color of the control.
Border Color
Pick a color to use as the control's border color.
Border Width
Set a value for the width of the control's border.
EnabledBy default, this option is selected. If a control is not enabled, it will be visible but app users will not be able to use it.
Font Name
Choose your preferred font.  
Font Size
Choose your preferred font size.
Font Style
Specify whether you want to make the font bold or italicized.
Check this option to make user interaction with this control mandatory. If selected, a red asterisk will be displayed next to the control. An alert popup will be shown if app users do not provide a value.
X AlignSet the horizontal alignment of the button on your form. 
Y AlignSet the vertical alignment of the button on your form. 

Step 4 - Configure Actions/Triggers of the Button Control

After adding the button to your form, you need to associate actions/triggers to it. The following steps will help you in this regard. 

Step 1 - Open the Button's Actions/Triggers Options

First, click on the button you wish to configure. Next, click on the Actions/Triggers tab.

Step 2 - Select an Action for the Button

Click on the "+ Action" button. From the list, select the Button Click action, then click Save. 

Step 3 - Set a Trigger

Your next action is to set a trigger with this action. 

  • Hover over the action you just added. 

  • Click on the + button to add a sub trigger which appears. 

  • Select a type of trigger based on the function of the button. 

  • Type a name for the trigger to easily identify it. 

  • From the Domain drop down menu, select Client to execute the trigger on the user's device, or 'Server' to indicate that the triggers are executed on the server-side. You will need to specify a connector, entity, and service for Server triggers. 

  • Click on Save.

Finish designing your form and then save or publish it. 

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