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Subtriggers are components that function exactly like Triggers, but offer a different set of options. They are configured after adding an Action and a Trigger. 

In this article, you will learn about the types of Subtriggers and how to add them to your forms.

How to Add Subtriggers

Upon configuring an Action and a Trigger, you can add Subtriggers using the following steps. 

  1. Hover over the Trigger you wish to add a Subtrigger to. 
  2. Click on Add a Sub Trigger. 
  3. Specify a type and fill in details (more below). 
  4. Click on 'Save'. 

Types Of Subtriggers

Once you add an Action and Trigger, you can add one of the following Subtriggers and configure them like you would a Trigger: 

  • CallService - This Subtrigger initiates a web service. 
  • EmailPDF - Add this Subtrigger to the email submitted forms in PDF format. 
  • SendEmail - Whereas EmailPDF is used for emailing PDF outputs of submitted forms, Send Email sends emails in the form of HTML. 
  • SubmitData - The SubmitData Subtrigger enables app users to save form data in data stores via Connectors. Therefore, you need to include a pre-configured data connector for submitting data. 

Watch How It Works

Watch this video tutorial to better understand how you can configure Actions, Triggers, and Subtriggers.

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