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To directly answer the question in the title: Yes, you can. 

Makeen transform allows you to use the colors of your branding as well as your corporate logo to customize your apps. For further customization, you can use assets, categories, pages & forms, and PDF templates.

In this article, you will learn how you can brand your apps.


Transform Studio provides several ways for you to brand your mobile forms, app, and PDF output. One of these ways is using assets, i.e. imagery such as backgrounds and icons which reflect your brand. 

To learn how to add, edit, download, and delete an Asset, please read our detailed articles about Assets here.


Categories in the transform app provide you with a helpful way to group related pages or forms. You can change the icons of your Category to further brand your app.

For more details on Categories, visit the guides here.

Pages & Forms

Through transform Studio's Pages & Forms section, you will have access to the pages, forms, and subforms. You can brand each of these by changing the background color or UI.

PDF Template

Through transform Studio's PDF Template section, you can add a custom template for branding your application.

System Settings

Through transform Studio's System Settings section, you can change an icon, navigation bar background color, navigation bar foreground color for branding your application.

For a detailed overview of the System Settings section, visit here.

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