Released in March 2019, the latest version of makeen transform App provides better performance and business value to users. It is the most stable version of the mobile forms app as it provides updates and fixes to reported issues.

New in 1.0.109

  • Deletion of Submissions Older than Seven Days – Submissions which are seven days older than the most recently submitted form will no longer be visible in the Sent list.

Fixes in 1.0.109

  • Get Help from transform Option Bug – The issue affecting the generation of support tickets from makeen transform App has been fixed.
  • File Uploader Bug – We have resolved the issue affecting the display of uploaded files as attachments in Windows devices.
  • Pending Submission Errors – We have fixed the bug which prevented submissions from being sent and duplicated records in the Outbox.
  • Notifications Issues – The Notifications feature has been improved to run smoothly.
  • Data Filtering Bugs – The issue affecting data filtering has been fixed.
  • Form Duplication in Pending Queue Bug – We have resolved the issue causing the duplication of records in the Pending Queue whenever a user views the pending submission.
  • App Crash Bugs – Form-related issues which caused the Android version of the app to crash have been fixed.
  • Submission Bugs – Our team has resolved issues related to the submission of certain forms, such as the issue which led to the duplication of records in the Outbox.
  • Form Attachment Issue – We have fixed the issue which displayed an incorrect number of attachments on both PDF and form detail screen.
  • Location Control Bug – The issue affecting the display of the map in the Location control has been fixed.
  • User Control Issue – The User Control issue has been fixed, ensuring proper user search and form submission.