Released on 26 October on App Store and Microsoft Store, makeen transform App 1.0.71 introduces a new task management feature. Once the Task Control is configured in transform Studio, app users can easily create and assign tasks to their teammates. makeen transform App 1.0.71 also delivers improvements to error messages to ensure clarity while communicating issues to users.

New in 1.0.71

  • Task Control – Rolled out with ransform Studio 1.2.8, the Task Control is a new control which allows users to create and assign tasks to users in the Microsoft Azure AD connector and/or User Management connector configured with their app. Users can configure the following fields through this control:
    • Title – A Textbox control for makeen transform App users to type a title for the task they assign
    • Due Date – A Date Picker control for the selection of the task’s due date
    • Assigned To – A User control field to search for users in authentication connectors
    • Description – A multi-line Textbox control to type details of the task
    • Approval Task? – A toggle to indicate whether this task requires the assignee’s approval or rejection first, or should be completed directly

Fixes in 1.0.71

  • Error Message Fixes – We have made several fixes to makeen transform App’s error messages. For instance, messages have been changed to use the terms ‘Outbox’ instead of ‘Pending Queue’, and ‘Sent’ instead of ‘Submitted Queue’.