Bundled with transform Studio 1.1.15 and makeen transform Services 1.12.3, makeen transform App 1.0.60 promises enhanced productivity, more business value, and better data security. There are, however, open issues we are currently working on and would like to inform you about to ensure seamless submissions.

New in 1.0.60

  • Local Entity Sync – This new feature syncs entities locally on makeen transform App users’ devices. Any changes to entities’ data will be instantly available even if a submission is still in the Pending Queue. This ensures quicker responses and improves the productivity of the workforce.
  • Authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory – App users can now be authenticated through Microsoft Azure AD if the new Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connector is configured in transform Studio.
  • Automated Workflow via Microsoft Flow – Microsoft Flow integration enables automating workflows across applications and services.
  • Dynamic PDF Logo – PDF files generated after form submission can now feature different logos. This feature needs to be configured in transform Studio or else the default logo will appear for all PDF files.

Updates in 1.0.60

  • Informative Error Messages – We have added new error messages across the app to inform users of any mistakes or restrictions.

Fixes in 1.0.60

  • Image Picker Issues – We have fixed the bug affecting the submission of forms with the Image Picker control, be it in PDF format or via connectors.
  • Downloadable Entities on Sync Page Issues – We fixed the issue affecting the display of downloadable entities after an application update.
  • Form Resubmission Issue – Users can now edit and send through previously submitted forms without any trouble.
  • Location Control Issue – Coordinates will be fetched automatically regardless of how many times a form has been opened.
  • My Tasks Issues – We have made slight fixes to the user interface of the Task List/Detail page in the My Tasks section. We also fixed issues affecting the performance of My Tasks.
  • Notifications Bug – We have fixed the Notifications-related issue detected in iOS devices.
  • Picker Control Issue – Picker controls whose values were defined through binding expressions are working properly in the new version of makeen transform App.
  • Image View Control Bug – Image View controls are now displaying images properly in HTML/PDF output.
  • Form Submission Triggers Issues – App users will see an error message prompting them to connect to the internet in case a form contains the SubmitData trigger.
  • Repeater Control Bug – Major changes have been made to improve the performance of the Repeater control.